The Accounting Review William Andrew Paton 1962 Includes section "Reviews".
The Cumulative Book Index 1996 A world list of books in the English language.
A Study of Object-oriented Analysis Janet Mary Drake 1993 We examined the analysis phase of the software life cycle with respect of the object-oriented paradigm. In analysis we gain problem understanding and create a specification of the proposed system. To examine object-oriented analysis, we developed a set of criteria to evaluate analysis techniques. Next we developed an OOA technique to examine our theory thar OOA has diffuculty identifying the high-level control aspects of problems. We evaluated our technique along with two other OOA techniques by using the criteria and through a case study.
Financial Accounting Louise S. Kloot 1995
Uniform CPA Examination American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Board of Examiners 1986-11
Financial Analysis for Management Decisions 2011
'American Book Publishing Record' Cumulative R. R. Bowker LLC 1976
The Selection Process for Capital Projects Hans J. Lang 1993-09-16 Reviews basic principles and presents techniques for evaluating and making decisions about investments and the acquisition of capital projects in industry and the private sector. Provides management and control techniques for construction of facilities or installation and operation of machinery and equipment. Covers sensitivity analysis and methods for ranking projects. Discusses the limitations of various methods. Explains how to carry out economic studies for the proper allocation of capital spending.
Uniform CPA Examination Questions and Unofficial Answers American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1983
Practice Made Perfect Marsha L. Heinke 2014-05-14
Financial Accounting Robert F. Meigs 1998-12-01
Survey of Social Science Frank Northen Magill 1991 V.1 A Decision theory -- v.2 Deficit financing--Housing economics -- v.3 Human capital--Monetary policy and the exchange rate -- v.4 Monetization of debt--Res ources: natural -- v.5 Resources: an overview--Z.
Managerial Accounting Al L. Hartgraves 2009
Enterprise Information Systems David L Olson 2009-10-28 This book analyzes various aspects of enterprise information systems (EIS), including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management systems, and business process reengineering. It describes the evolution and functions of these systems, focusing on issues related to their implementation and upgrading. Enhanced with pedagogical features, the book can be read by graduate and undergraduate students, as well as senior management and executives involved in the study and evaluation of EIS.
Uniform CPA Examination American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1985-05
The African Journal of Finance and Management 2002
Business Information Sources Lorna M. Daniells 1993 Lists and describes the various types of general business reference sources and sources having to do with specific management functions and fields
The National Public Accountant 1972
The British National Bibliography Arthur James Wells 1996
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Английский язык = English. Для студентов экономических специальностей Елена Кабешева 2021-04-21 Содержит аутентичные тексты, охватывающие основные понятия бухгалтерского учета. Предусмотрены упражнения по усвоению экономических терминов, задания по совершенствованию навыков чтения оригинальной литературы по специальности, а также по развитию навыков и умений профессионально-ориентированной устной речи.Для студентов учреждений высшего образования по экономическим специальностям и широкого круга лиц, изучающих английский язык и специализирующихся в области бухгалтерского учета и финансов.
Advanced Financial Accounting Richard E. Baker 2005 This successful textbook is highly regarded, especially in programs that want a solid, comprehensive text for students who sit for the CPA exam. The book is loosely organized into five sections which allow for flexibility in sequencing the topics. Many of the topics are illustrated by examples using a continuous case involving a fictitious company called Peerless Products Corporation and its subsidiary, Special Foods, Inc.
Principles of Accounting Volume 1 - Financial Accounting Mitchell Franklin 2019-04-11 The text and images in this book are in grayscale. A hardback color version is available. Search for ISBN 9781680922929. Principles of Accounting is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a two-semester accounting course that covers the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. This book is specifically designed to appeal to both accounting and non-accounting majors, exposing students to the core concepts of accounting in familiar ways to build a strong foundation that can be applied across business fields. Each chapter opens with a relatable real-life scenario for today's college student. Thoughtfully designed examples are presented throughout each chapter, allowing students to build on emerging accounting knowledge. Concepts are further reinforced through applicable connections to more detailed business processes. Students are immersed in the "why" as well as the "how" aspects of accounting in order to reinforce concepts and promote comprehension over rote memorization.
Consolidated Statements Robert G. Walker 2006 Professor Walker's book covers a history of the development of the use of consolidated statements in the UK, US and Australia. Consolidation refers to the use of the 3 basic statements used in accounting, covering assets, liabilities and equity.
Community Property in California Grace Ganz Blumberg 2016-02-05 Written by a recognized expert on community property and family law issues in California, Grace Ganz Blumberg's comprehensive casebook prepares students for the California bar examination and equips them for California practice in the areas of divorce, decedents--estates, and debtor-creditor law. Community Property in California carefully balances cases, notes, questions, and problems for student comprehension. Because community property is a relatively narrow subject involving the interplay of state legislation and case law, the casebook is structured to encourage students to develop and refine their analytic skills and to enable professors to guide their students in doing so. Comparative text puts California law into context by including references to the Uniform Marital Property Act and the marital property chapter of the American Law Institute's Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution. Key Features: Recent developments in the law of transmutation including In re Marriage of Valli, which extended the reach of the transmutation statutes to spousal transactions with third parties, overruling prior case law. Resolution of the good-faith issue in putative spouse doctrine: A putative spouse need only have a subjective good faith belief that she is married. Ceja v. Rudolph and Sletten, Inc. Update on the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry. Developments in judicial enforcement of the statutory disclosure rules at divorce.
Harvard Business School Core Collection Baker Library 1999
The Indigo Book Christopher Jon Sprigman 2016-05-02 This public domain book is an open and compatible implementation of the Uniform System of Citation.
Unofficial Answers to the Uniform Certified Public Accountants Examination American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1982
Forthcoming Books Rose Arny 1994
Books in Print 1995
Accounting, the Basis for Business Decisions Robert F. Meigs 1990
Harvard Business School Core Collection 1995 Baker Library 1995
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Sociétés Transnationales United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 1993
The Accounting Educators' Journal 1998
Books in Print Supplement 2002
Accountants' Handbook, Financial Accounting and General Topics D. R. Carmichael 2003-05-12 The premier accounting reference, revised and expanded The Accountants' Handbook series has the longest tradition of any reference of providing comprehensive coverage of the field to both accounting professionals and professionals in other fields who need or desire quick, understandable, and thorough exposure to complex accounting-related subjects. Like its predecessors, the Tenth Edition is designed as a single reference source that provides answers to all reasonable questions on accounting and financial reporting asked by accountants, auditors, bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, and other preparers and users of accounting information. Written by nationally recognized accounting professionals, including partners in major public accounting firms, financial executives, financial analysts, and other relevant business professionals, the Handbook covers both financial accounting and reporting and industry specific accounting issues in separate volumes for easy reference. Its comprehensive content provides analysis on over 43 critical areas of accounting.
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, ... Catalog of Books Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic 1996
Instructor's Guide and Answers to Achievement Tests and Comprehensive Examinations Sets A, B, C, and D for Use with Accounting: the Basis for Business Decisions 8th Ed: Chapters 14-26 Robert F. Meigs 1990
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